The following terms and conditions apply to the relations between the PARTICIPANT and the ORGANISER of the conference. The ORGANISER may amend or modify these regulations, in which case the PARTICIPANTS are obliged to keep themselves advised with the information published on this website.


  • Have correctly filled out and sent the registration form, found on this website;
  • Have received acknowledgement of receipt for the registration form from the ORGANISER;
  • Have sent their poster, paper or presentation formatted according the requirements published on this website;
  • Have received acknowledgement of receipt for the poster, paper or presentation from the ORGANISER;
  • Have transferred the participation fees in full and in the term of payment;
  • Are introduced to the terms and conditions described hereof and have accepted their implementation.



If you register for this events the ORGANISER may collect the following information from the PARTICIPANT or someone within the PARTICIPANT’S organisation:

  • Name
  • Organization or affiliation
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Job title (when requested) 
  • Payment information (when requested)
  • Dietary requirements (optional)
  • Any special requirements (optional) 
  • Specific accessibility requirements (optional)
  • Level of education and/or prior knowledge (optional)

During the event, the ORGANISER may capture some collective and individual images, audio or video recordings, and collect information provided by others. The ORGANISER could also make and store a recording voice in certain instances. The ORGANISER may use this information, including your personal data, in online communication channels such as social media pages, websites, newspapers and blogs. The ORGANISER will keep this information available on its websites or wiki pages for an indefinite period of time for educational purposes, but you are able to delete your own personal data at any time.

The ORGANISER relies on a legitimate interest for collecting, storing and processing the information mentioned above.

During or after the event, the ORGANISER might contact the PARTICIPANT to collect feedback about the experience, ascertain event impact or manage a post-event collaboration. For this purpose, the ORGANISER may collect additional personal data such as gender, level of education, age group. This personal data will be anonymised and will be used for the purposes of reporting and statistics. 



LEADER Network Croatia has appointed an internal Data Protection Officer (DPO), for you to contact if you have any questions or concerns about the way LEADER Network Croatia is processing your personal data. 

DPO’s name and contact information are as follows:

Bojana Markotic Krstinic

LEADER Network Croatia, Secretary General

Organizing Committee, Coordinator

Phone: +385 (0)91 4085 366 




  • All the received posters, papers and presentations will be stored, processed and published by the ORGANISER;
  • The distribution of advertising messages in any form during the event is strictly prohibited, unless done under the explicit assent of the ORGANISER;
  • The duration of the conference depends on the number of presentations requested, as well as the ability of their authors to present them;
  • The order of the presentations, listed in the preliminary program, may be changed at ORGANISER’s discretion;
  • Each paper should be presented personally. The presentation of other people’s papers is not allowed, unless done under the explicit assent of the ORGANISER;
  • The type of presenting a paper may be changed at ORGANISER’s discretion in case there is no confirmation of personal attendance submitted by the PARTICIPANT;
  • They cannot present a paper in type other that the statement, submitted in the registration form, unless done under the explicit assent of the ORGANISER;
  • Are alleged to one accompanying person only. The name of this person must be listed in advance, in the registration form;
  • They have to submit their posters according to the specifications, listed in the ORGANISER’s website and display them on the panels provided for that purpose 60 minutes before the poster session starts;
  • The conference is aimed at scientists and practitionars, and its capacity is limited to 500 attendees;
  • The SEE LEADER Networking Fair is aimed at LAGs and FLAGs 
  • The entire correspondence between the PARTICIPANT and the ORGANISER is confidential. It must not be disclosed publicly or to any third parties;
  • Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to the event.



  • All personal data they provide is valid and current;
  • They are authors of all the provided papers and presentations or they received the explicit assent for presentation by the actual author and/or co-author, who are also introduced to the general terms and conditions hereof;
  • Bear full responsibility for the content of the provided papers and presentations as well as the possible consequences of its disclosure.



  • Problems with issuing a visa, travelling, accommodation or any other difficulties related to the PARTICIPANTS stay, but it is at disposal in any problem, particularly personal Invitation Letter. 
  • Changes in fees and/or terms and conditions for hotel accommodations, listed on the ORGANISER’s website;
  • The content of theposters, papers and presentations provided by the PARTICIPANTS as well as the possible consequences of its disclosure;
  • Changes in the preliminary program, occurred because of unavailability of participants to attend the event or other circumstances;
  • Participant’s inability to present a paper due to changes in the events program.



  • Would not show a valid identification document;
  • Would not show a valid document, certifying the proper requirement for participation were met;
  • Distribute advertising messages of any kind, unless done under the explicit assent of the ORGANISER;
  • Hinder the normal occurring of the event;
  • Are in a drunken state or derogate from common morality;
  • Derogate from the ORGANISER’s, PARTICIPANTS or other persons and organizations prestige and honor.



  • They do not meet the requirements, listed on the website;
  • They are not relevant to the thematic area of the corresponding event;
  • They have obscure or unsettled copyright issues;
  • They derogate from third parties or other organizations prestige and honor;
  • The files submitted by the PARTICIPANT can have pernicious influence on the technical equipment.



  • Do not meet the requirements, listed on the website;
  • Are not relevant to the thematic area of the corresponding journal;
  • Have obscure or unsettled copyright issues;
  • Derogate from third parties or other organizations prestige and honor.



The types of fees are published on the ORGANISERs website along with the important dates. 

Participants must register prior to July 31st, 2019 to be entitled to “Early bird” registration fees. Registrations from August 1st, 2019 till October 20th, 2019 will be priced as Full registration fees.

PhD, MSc and BSc Students under the age of 30 will be charged a special smaller fee as listed on the ORGANISERs web-site.

The registration fee for Practitioners includes admission to conference sessions, Conference materials,  Welcome cocktail, Coffee breaks, Study Trip, Gala dinner, but does not include the cost of accommodation.

The registration fee for Academics and Scholars includes admission to conference sessions, Printed copy of Book of Abstracts, Electronic copy of Proceedings Book, Conference materials, Welcome cocktail, Coffee breaks, Study Trip, Gala dinner, but does not include the cost of accommodation.

After receiving the quote/official offer PARTICIPANTS can proceed with the payment through bank transfer. The ORGANISER’S account information will be listed in the quote/offer.

Invoices are sent via e-mail only. To receive an invoice ordered by a company or an organization the PARTICIPANT must state this intention in the registration form, otherwise the invoice will be issued to the personal name, stated in the form.



Cancellations must be emailed to the Organizing Committee (e-mail:

No refund of registration fees will be given, except in case of cancellation of the event through ORGANISER’s fault.

The Optional Trip to Škocjanska caves will not be held unless there is a minimum of 20 participants registered.

In that case a full refund will be made to all the participants who had registered and payed for the optional trip.



The Organizing Committee negotiated specially discounted rates for SEE LEADER PARTICIPANTS at Liburnia Riviera Hotels, official accommodation provider, located near the venue. Accommodation will be sold on a “first come-first served” basis. 

The prices are discounted only for a full conference three night stay. If PARTICIPANTS need other arrangements, they may contact the official accommodation provider for the conference. 

All the meals during the conference will be provided by the official accommodation provider included in the accommodation price (except the Gala dinner which is included in the registration fees). 

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1st International conference on practical and theoretical implications of LEADER approach in South-East Europe

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SEE LEADER aims to recognize the uniqueness of the community-led local development approach for integrated territorial development in South-East Europe, demonstrating the results of past years of implementation and proactively looking at its future.
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