About LAG Terra liburna

Local Action Group „Terra liburna“ (Croatia)

Local Action Group “Terra liburna” covers an 528 sq. km area on the northern Adriatic, where the Mediterranean cut it’s way at the deepest point into the European continent.  It includes 8 government units (the cities of Opatija and Kastav and municipalities of Jelenje, Klana, Viškovo, Matulji, Lovran and Mošćenička Draga) on the western part of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County, being 14,8% of the total County area and 0,6% of national territory. It’s area has 82 settlements populated by over 60.000 inhabitants.

LAG “Terra liburna” was established in 2013, registered as a non-profit organization and has 43 members currently. It’s funded mainly by the EAFRD thorugh RDP Croatia 2014 – 2020. Since 2014 was allocated the amount of 64.000 Euro in the preparatory measure and 1,19 million Euro for the implementation of the Local Development Strategy.

The LAG’s vision is to further develop it’s rural area by respecting the conditions of management in the authentic space, promoting innovative agricultural activities and processes based on traditional cultures, strengthening of non-agricultural activities for sustainable tourism, valorizing and activating cultural-traditional, historical and natural heritage and fostering national and transnational networking and cooperation.

LAG’s main activities and highlights of it’s work include:

  • Strengthening the local value chain by delivering information through the LAG INFO CENTER on available public funding, ethical financing and social entrepreneurship
  • Promoting the cultivation of local varieties and boosting local economy with local fairs and farmer’s markets
  • Promoting networking, innovation transferring and national and transnational co-operation with the Regional and Transnational LAGs Coordinating Board and LEADER Network Croatia
  • Fostering integrated local development with FLAG “Vela vrata”
  • Securing synergies among local projects by committing to networking with local stakeholders
  • Boosting year-round culture-based sustainable tourism in rural areas 
  • Raising awareness on landscaping architecture and natural resources through workshops, education and study tours with our members and partners

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